Why only 24 tirthankars ?

In jain geography, there is an illustration of 2 1/2 dweep kshetra they are:_
1.Jambu Dweep.
2.Dhatki Khund.
3.Ardh pushkardweep.

In these two and a half dweep kshetras,there are 15 karamabhoomis. 5 Bharat,5 Airavat(elephants) and 5 Mahavideh. Out of them, there are 170 land areas where they can become tirthankars. At a time at least 20 and utmost 170 can become tirthankars, at least, 2 crores, and atmost 9 crores kewal gnanis can be there is taken for granted.But in ten land places,(5 Bharat & 5 Airavat there are 2 types kaal chakras they are 1. Avaspirni and 2. Utsapirni

In each of these kaal chakras, there can be 24 Tirthankars each. But this not so, in mahavideh kshetra. In mahavideh kshetra tirthankars are always present and have a religious atmospher.But it is not so, in Bharat and Airavat because the time duration between 2 Tirthankars are fixed. So, there can be only 24 tirthankars at a time. Remaining 16 include in Mahavideh.

In Bharat kshetra, Bhagwan Rushabh Dev was the 1st person to give religious speeches & so Rushabh Dev was the root soure of Jain religion.

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